Dr. Rennes is a doctor of Chiropractic, mental wellness coach, mental wellness focused content creator. With her dynamic energy she encourages women to move their body (Dance 4 Mental Health) to gain self-confidence, decrease anxiety & depression and develop self-motivation.

Hey there, I’m Dr. Rennes

In 2015 after graduating with a doctorate degree Dr. Rennes realized she had lost her identity while chasing this idea of success. The search took her on a 3 year long expat journey in Peru and Honduras. There she was able to reconnected to her true self, deepen her relationship with God and find her deeper purpose in life. It was also at this time she started dancing for her mental health. 

Today she coaches women who suffer in silence, to connect with their true identity which is the key to being fulfilled and maintaining their mental wellness. 

She hopes to partner up with more companies and brands who aligns with her mission.